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JSThis component requires JavaScript.
Component status:Beta
A TabPanel is a tabbed interface component where each tab is associated with a panel containing information related to that tab.
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<div class="bux-tabpanel">
<div class="bux-tabpanel__tabs" role="tablist" aria-label="An accessible tabpanel example">
<button id="bux-tabpanel__tab--1" class="bux-tabpanel__tab" role="tab" aria-selected="true" aria-controls="bux-tabpanel__panel--1">
John Glenn
<button id="bux-tabpanel__tab--2" class="bux-tabpanel__tab" role="tab" aria-selected="false" aria-controls="bux-tabpanel__panel--2" tabindex="-1">
Jack Nicklaus
<button id="bux-tabpanel__tab--3" class="bux-tabpanel__tab" role="tab" aria-selected="false" aria-controls="bux-tabpanel__panel--3" tabindex="-1">
Archie Griffin
<div id="bux-tabpanel__panel--1" class="bux-tabpanel__panel" role="tabpanel" aria-labelledby="bux-tabpanel__tab--1" tabindex="0">
<div id="bux-tabpanel__panel--2" class="bux-tabpanel__panel" role="tabpanel" aria-labelledby="bux-tabpanel__tab--2" tabindex="0" hidden="hidden">
<div id="bux-tabpanel__panel--3" class="bux-tabpanel__panel" role="tabpanel" aria-labelledby="bux-tabpanel__tab--3" tabindex="0" hidden="hidden">

When to use a TabPanel#

  • This is good when you want to allow users to expose content in a progressive or tabular manner.
  • You want to give users control over the content by toggling it or deferring it for later.

When to use something else#

  • If the text you are revealing is very long then it would be better to give that information its own page.
  • Long content and tabpanels can be problematic on mobile views because the user must scroll a lot and getting back to the tabs will provide a poor user experience.
  • Keep in mind that even though tabpanels shorten pages and reduce scrolling, they increase the interaction cost by requiring people to decide on tabs to interact with.

Implementation notes#

Each tab and panel pair must be associated with each other by the following properties:


  • id="TAB_ID" — a unique identifier for the tab element.
  • role="tab" — tells assistive technologies that this element behaves like a tab
  • aria-controls="PANEL_ID" — tells assistive technologies that this element controls another element.
  • aria-selected="true|false" — tells assistive technologies that this element has been activated or not.
  • tabindex="-1" — removes non-active tabs from tab order so next tab goes to the active panel.


  • id="PANEL_ID" — a unique identifier for the panel element.
  • role="tabpanel" — tells assistive technologies that this element behaves like a tabpanel.
  • aria-labelledby="TAB_ID" — tells assistive technologies that this element is labeled by another element.
  • tabindex="0" — places the panels into the tab order.
  • hidden — hides all non-active panels.

Each tab and panel must have an unique ID. If you are using multiple tabpanels on the same page you'll want to add a unique identifier to each tab and panel.

Delay attribute#

There is an optional attribute that you can add to the main <div> element.

  • data-delay — By adding a delay to the tabpanel each key stroke within the tablist will be delayed 300ms.

<div class="bux-tabpanel" data-delay></div>


Keyboard support#

  • When focus moves into the tab list, places focus on the active tab element.
  • When the tab list contains the focus, moves focus to the next element in the tab sequence, which is the tabpanel element.
Right Arrow
  • Moves focus to the next tab.
  • If focus is on the last tab, moves focus to the first tab.
  • Activates the newly focused tab.
Left Arrow
  • Moves focus to the previous tab.
  • If focus is on the first tab, moves focus to the last tab.
  • Activates the newly focused tab.
HomeMoves focus to the first tab and activates it.
EndMoves focus to the last tab and activates it.