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About Buckeye UX

Ohio State's design system.
Pre-release Notice
BUX is still in development. Many aspects of the system are in progress and subject to change. Please review the Project Roadmap and Component Status pages to learn more.

Buckeye UX (BUX) is a focused set of front-end user interface components. It provides web designers and front-end developers with tools to accelerate the process of making user interfaces that look and function in a consistent, brand-compliant manner, as well as integrate accessibility and security best practices.

For end-users, BUX improves the digital experience when on an Ohio State digital property, ultimately strengthening their brand experience.

Use this system to build a solution that best meets your college or unit’s needs.

BUX has been developed in cooperation with the Office of Marketing and Communications to ensure that elements are in alignment with Ohio State’s Brand Center. Brand Center provides general standards and guidelines for messaging, typography, color and more. It offers downloadable assets, such as vector art, PowerPoint templates and HTML email templates. BUX has a narrower focus for web designers and front-end developers.

Who should use BUX?#

BUX is an open-source design system and front-end framework, intended for use by Ohio State colleges and units, as well as vendors creating websites and other digital products.

Why did we build BUX?#

With decentralized marketing units across the university, we recognized the lack of consistent design patterns and an opportunity to increase efficiency and effectiveness among web content producers. We believe that by sharing design and development efforts, we can co-create solutions that are consistent, functional, accessible and reusable.