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Buckeye Alert

JSThis component requires JavaScript.
Component status:Beta
A placeholder component for Buckeye Alert emergency messages. This component will only be visible when there is an active alert message.


<div id="bux-buckeye-alert" class="bux-buckeye-alert" aria-live="polite" hidden>
const buckeyeAlert = new BuckeyeAlert({
url: '',
callback: function() {
console.log('The Buckeye Alert callback has been executed.');


Implementation Notes#

Add the Buckeye Alert container element to the top of your page.

<div id="bux-buckeye-alert" class="bux-buckeye-alert" aria-live="polite" hidden></div>

After the container element has been added create an instance and initialize Buckeye Alert.

const buckeyeAlert = new BuckeyeAlert();


Buckeye Alert is configurable and will accept an object with the following parameters: