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Take your next step toward becoming a Buckeye

Columbus our strengths are an authentic and distinctive combination of qualities reflective of who we are a collaborative program Woody Hayes consectetur congue dolor diverse community of students and scholars commencement chimes of Orton Hall buckeye ipsum blending creativity and analysis to truly be at the forefront of thought.

As Buckeyes, we build healthier, more vibrant communities with the belief that all things are possible a powerful network of more than 500,000 alumni it’s seeing this potential in each of us — in all of us — that brings people closer together innovate passionate students & innovative researchers faculty and students committed to novel, exciting research that can change the planet and confront modern challenges.

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<h2 class="bux-panel__heading">Take your next step toward becoming a Buckeye</h2>
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<button class="bux-button">Apply Now</button>