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Project Roadmap

A high-level view of recent and upcoming updates.
Current Version: 0.9.4
Minor version releases are made every 2-3 weeks, but timing may vary prior to the first 1.0 release. Post 1.0 releases will be deployed as necessary, and will use the semantic versioning paradigm.

Recent Updates


  • Improve accessibility and fix bugs for the following components:
  • Update status to ready for the following components:
  • Update Hero component with new variants








  • Add new Alternate H2 typography option
  • Improvements to OSU Navbar hover state and responsive styling
  • Accessibility improvements for Featured Card and Listicle components
  • Minor style updates to Menu component and fix for bug in Menu with Search variant that was preventing far right links from being clicked
  • Adjustments to Footer templates to fix social media links rendering bug and to better account for unit-specific accessibility information


  • Fix TabPanel component null error
  • Fix syntax error preventing proper CSS compiling in 0.8.4 and 0.8.5 releases


  • Minor spacing and/or style adjustments to Timeline, OSU Navbar, and Horizontal Storytelling variant of the Card component
  • Accessibility fixes for Link List and Menu components
  • Update Site Footer component to utilize Social Media Links component directly in template and add TikTok to examples
  • Address ID conflict bug in Hero component
  • Add new Icon Before and Icon After Link variants




  • New Hero component added
  • New Horizontal Card component variant added
  • Accessibility improvements made to Menu component


For more details and a complete history of project updates please view the BUX Source project changelog in UCR.

Up Next

  • BUX 1.0 release: Complete design and accessibility reviews of existing components and update status to "ready"
  • New Card Collection Carousel component
  • HTML page templates